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"We the People" means,
We decide. 

 Are you...

Concerned about what's being taught in schools? Wondering why schools seem to be focused on everything but teaching our children?

Worried about gas prices and inflation?

Questioning whether our elections are fair?

Wondering how it became risky to speak up about what you believe

Tired of seeing special interests come before our interests?

Tired of partisan politics and wanting to see us work together for our mutual benefit?


Worried about the economy, again? 

"These are the times that try men's souls."

There's a book called, “We Didn’t Fight for Socialism: America’s Veterans Speak Up”

by Oliver L. North and David Goetsch. It details what has been referred to as the moral dilemma for veterans. Are we supposed to sit back and do nothing while our country is turned into something that no longer represents what we fought for? It’s something many veterans are struggling with.


The significance of what's at stake cannot be understated. America has always led the way in the fight for freedom, justice and a way of life people can enjoy. There's always a natural tension between freedom and security. It's why we must always remain vigilant and work to always do what's right.

We have to restore the American Dream!

It's a very simple concept; that free people ought to be able to determine their own destiny. It used to be taught in schools that anyone could become president. That if you work hard enough and do the right things, in America you can achieve anything. We need to restore that passion and the sense of purpose we once had. 

What can we do?

Stop complaining, start acting. We need to work together. We need to set aside our differences and look for reasons to remain united. We need people who are able and willing to run for office, assist campaigns, help get the word out on social media, provide financial support and serve as election volunteers. 

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New Republican Project

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One person alone can't build the future of towns, states and our country. But working together, even just a few of us can make great progress because working together our efforts are greatly magnified.

Not everyone can be everything, but everyone can contribute something. It is no longer acceptable for the silent majority to remain silent. We need to make our voices heard.

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Our Children are Our Legacy

Plenty of young people still love this country. The deserve a solid future. 

This story will inspire you. Watch the video.

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